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artist directory

Allen Peterson

location: Atlanta, Georgia
I am fascinated by the interconnections surrounding the individual in the world.  I explore themes of system and community in my work, in which individual elements often combine to form structures based on interrelationships.  I question what it means to be an individual within a network of systems.  To what extent do societal, cultural, or economic systems hold the individual in place, or to what extent is the individual free to move across these systems? To what extent does a person’s inclusion as a component part of these systems limit the possibility of an objective perspective on them?  Can a group of individuals have an awareness that is separate from and greater than the sum of its parts?  I enjoy making work in which small elements add up to form a whole, the complexity of which is compounded by the interrelationships present.


Colony, 2003
performance still

Please watch a short video excerpt of this performance piece at: