artist directory

artist directory

Todd Carroll

location: NY, New York

Specializing in Documentary and Commercial Photography.


Overlook_Looking_Back, 2009
pigment print

Surveillance cameras monitor everything from adults at their jobs to babies in their cribs, so we, as a society, need to understand what happens when we use this technology. I have investigated how surveillance interacts and affects our daily life in previous projects, and have seen where the current boundaries are.
    The aim of the project is to step past these boundaries to see what reaction emerges.  At some point, statistics about safety and polls about an increased sense of security need to be discussed in a visual language.  Like an architect making a rough sketch, my photographs create a new space in which we can inhabit by proxy.
    I endeavor to demonstrate different versions of reality. I entrust the viewer to engage in a dialogue with the photos, and emerge with their own point of view. The involved viewer looks at a photograph to see the choices the artist made with the media and respond.  An underlying idea behind my work is that the domestic becomes exotic through photography, and the viewer can sometimes reevaluate an idea or belief through the intimate viewing distance of a photograph.